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my best holidays


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Australia – my best holidays

In the summer of the year 2003 I stayed in Australia for four weeks. First I was in Perth. There I and my family met an old friend. We stayed there for one week. In this time we were in the city centre and we saw very beautiful places. In Albany we made a whale watching tour. on this tour we saw dolphins and seals, but we didn't see whales. One day we made a trip to Rottnest island. There we rode around the island on bikes in one day. On the way we saw quokkas. Quokkas are little kangaroos.

After that we flew to Darwin. There we rented a camper van. With this van we drove to the Kakadu National Park, to Yellow Waters, to Katherine and to the Litchfield National Park. We saw crocodiles in the lakes, for example in the Adelaide River. There were jumping crocodiles. Every day we swam in a lake and stood under a waterfall.

We slept in our camper van on a caravan park. On one caravan park we met an interesting family. It lived on this caravan park. In this family the mother teached the children. That is correspodence school. The school in Australia say, that you learn a lot in your holidays. It allows that the parents teach their children.

On the Nourlangie Rock we saw great pictures of Aborigines. The Aboriginas lived in Australia first. In a Aboriginal shop we bought a didgeridoo.

After we were back in Darwin we flew to Sydney. There we went to the zoo, we saw the opera house and we went to the city centre. The most beautiful place in Sydney is Chinatown. There are chinese shops and there live Chinese. We slept in Chinatown in a chinese hotel. From Sydney we flew home.

My recommendation to you

In my holidays I swam in many oceans: the indian ocean, the antarctic ocean and the pacific and I saw a lot of animals: kangaroos, bats, quokkas, crocodiles, dingos, wombats, koalas, a platypus, geckos and kookaburras. You should go to Australia, too. When you are there, you should make the same tour like we. On this tour you will see a lot of interesting things.

In the national parks you should swim in the warm lakes and look on the wild nature. Australia is a beautiful country and you should try to see all. You should go to the Uluru. It is a wonderful hill. I didn't have time to go there.

In Sydney you should go to the Bondi Beach, to Chinatown, to the Taronga Zoo, to the Harbour Bridge and to the Sydney Opera House, like us. Unfortunately we didn't see a oper in the Opera House, but you should see someone.

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